Everything you need to run a restaurant in one place

It’s a fact: The quality of your restaurant’s POS system can mean the difference between profit and loss. Having the right POS solutions positively affects the functionality of every aspect of your business. From maintaining optimum customer care standards, to your ability to manage your inventory, effective POS can help your restaurant succeed beyond your wildest expectations.


#1 Rated iPad Point of Sale System

Lavu’s iPad point of sale system is the world’s leading mobile POS for restaurants and bars. With the first iPad POS system in the App Store, Lavu offers premier, proprietary bar and restaurant POS systems, used by thousands of restaurants in over 80 countries.

When you modernize your establishment with Lavu’s restaurant POS software, you can say goodbye to slow service, misplaced orders, unclear sales data, and many other operational headaches. With hundreds of features supported by a cloud-based management system, Lavu POS software delivers a streamlined, intuitive interface and centralized data storage, giving management complete control and staff members an effective and simple tool that allows them to maintain the highest standards of customer service.

Easy. Flexible. All-in-One.


80+ Countries

400k+ Transactions

20k+ Terminals

1 billion+ Menu Items Sold

300+ Features




Employee Scheduling

Payment Processing

Order quicker.

Lavu’s POS for restaurants will give you the tools you need to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Sell faster.

Our iPad POS system offers speed and fluidity. Reduce waiting time – enhance customer experience.

Train easier.

Lavu POS software helps you optimize the training and onboarding process.

Keep track of all numbers on one screen.

Lavu’s POS for iPad offers a full suite of management features.

Rest easy.

With Lavu’s fully-optimized restaurant POS software solutions, you can focus on your business.